Tuesday, March 26, 2019

We had the dope beats.

I dunno.

Ditch pretension.
Embrace pretension.

Let's schedule that video chat.
Technology is crazy.

We were having problems with "root maggots."
It's as gross as it sounds.

I thought a better title for this poem was.
Perfect makes practice.

But then this empty title was in the drafts folder.
And I was like.

It's easy to have poetry blog.
It's rare to have a poetry blog.
It's dumbt o have a poetry blog.
I'ts simple to hvae a potry poloeg.
Its ragte to hvae a gpofte ryos.
Itys  psooe to have  a post swosts.
a bot.

Chaucer tho.

Poetry book:

I was a precocious child
Like most people
It was disappointing 

I peaked at 18
Like most people
It was disappointing 

I got better with age
Weaker yes 
but kinder
more patient

Like most people
It was disappointing 

NOW, brain and body fail
regret and shame 
rise and fall like tides
[ ha, and pain, what is pain?
everything and nothing. amirite?]

like most people
it's disappointing

let's take a beat and say: it's OK it's OK to feel this way or not
you're reading this and thinking: yeah I get it or,
this is dumb or, more likely,
I never saw this 


I get better yet
Maybe I can do new things
I can live up to my potential
I can be a writer, an inventor, an artist

Like most people

Friday, April 28, 2017

Monday, March 6, 2017

Every. Single. Time.


This is a screen capture from Terrence Malick's film Badlands.

In liberal arts school I learned you were supposed to write it like this:

Terrence Malick's Badlands (1973).

I was a dutiful student and checked out Ways of Seeing on reserve from library as was recommended for students in this class and let me tell you:

If I thought that I had seen before, trust me, I had not, not really.

Terrence Malick's film Badlands (1973) features several weird animal encounters, starting with the first scene. Which. You know involves a dare to eat a dead dog, which triggers a debate about the breed of said, dead, dog. Which. Said, kinda, squishy taxonomies permeates

Terrence Malick's film Badlands (1973):

I guess the point I am after being. That iguana is not like a native plains faunal element and in that seconds-long cut to the lizard the whole edifice of the film comes crashing down and you are only fixated on what a neotropical iguana is doing on the high plains for the rest of the film including the subsequent car chase and shootout because you are just like wtf is that iguana doing there!?

Friday, April 8, 2016

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

here is a summer poem
because I keep telling people
I have a poetry blog
and presumptively that
would be this: