Saturday, July 19, 2008

Falkens öga

Surprisingly few birds on the north half of Kehoe beach. A few gulls. Squadrons of brown pelican bombers emerging from the offshore fog only to disappear again before the camera could be focussed. The occasional turkey vulture loops out over the bluffs and back again on a nonexistent breeze. A dead baby sea lion.

Then falcons. Two flapping across the cliff, more graceless than you're imagining. The dog--on leash relief in light of the absent shorebirds and surprisingly good behavior--dashed to the base of the cliff, barked pointlessly. The perched looked on with disdain, although there's no way I could have possibly seen that.

The dog gave up and came back to pirate cheese and crackers. One falcon disappeared, but the other sat on the faulted cliff face. Gargoyle.

On the way back an empty fridge...washed up on the strand. "Satan's cabin." There was a cricket inside. A brown bird frapping flantically across the bluff. Falcon.

Seriously, not that impressive.


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