Friday, September 17, 2010

Writing Bad Poetry Is Easy and Fun

(for CS)

The vapor clots sit right here
not high or low
a little low, I guess
not fog
the announcer on NPR
shilling for pledges
just said
"get high or go home"
don't think that's what he meant
to say--
a higher register,
Pigeons: spin, strut and puff on lamp posts
Crows: more left to right than vice or verse
have you seen Robert Reich's tumblr?
the guy's so tiny and so smart
but I'm not finished
Gulls: several
Egrets: plenty but I wasn't paying attention
Cormorants: forgot to check the transmission tower but they must be there and I saw one later anyway
Buteo: fine but only saw, up by the clouds because now I'm looking
Turkey Condor: ditto
Pelicans: both flavors brown and white
but look less different in this light
Tern: turns
and dinosaurs across the bay

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